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About Me

Your partner in transforming your life

I am a conscious parenting coach certified by Dr. Shefali Tsabary's Conscious Parenting Coaching Method Institute. 

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I am a mom, and live in NYC with my son. I am a student of life, and LOVE to learn and teach about LIFE's biggest questions:  


  • Who are we truly?

  • What does it mean to feel truly loved?

  • What is HAPPINESS and where to find it?

  • How to heal our closest relationships and release old patterns that create disconnection?

  • Why is it so difficult to FEEL our feelings and so much easier to numb, blame, or keep busy to avoid feeling?

  • Why do we feel stuck when life challenges us?

  • How to CHANGE our behavior towards something or someone that is harming our wellbeing?

  • How to embody resiliency, confidence, self-love/acceptance? 

  • What is intuition and how can we tap into it?


I have always been a seeker. My interest in human relationships, deep connection, self-actualization, and resilience, coupled with the pain of many times feeling "not good enough", lead me to a self-discovery journey. In this journey, I discovered CONSCIOUS PARENTING, the practice of re-parenting oneself, and healing our inner wounds so that we can bring WHOLENESS to our relationships, specially to our relationship with our children. Our children watch and absorb not just what we say, but most importantly, the unspoken ENERGY with which we engage with them and with LIFE. 


If you are feeling lost in your life journey, exhausted, drained and disconnected, conscious re-parenting offers a path that will set you free to be the best version of yourself, to reconnect to the parts of yourself that most need your attention. 


Whether you are feeling disconnected from your purpose, your relationships, your parenting, you are not alone. Life does not come with a script. To live an abundant, authentic live, it takes deep attunement, presence and compassion. It takes a spacious, compassionate heart to live a purposeful life.  When we cultivate this in ourselves and learn to attend to our own needs as adults, we then can build relationships from abundance rather than from fear and lack.

Our reaction to any life challenge is ALWAYS dependent on our interpretation of it.  When we learn how to decipher which part within us is creating that interpretation and learn to attend to this part in ourselves, we can then attend to the situation in front of us from a conscious place. This alone is KEY to transforming our relationship to life's challenges. 


We are in this life to evolve, to learn, to figure things out.  When we show up to life with curiosity, compassion and playfulness, we accept others as they are, and feel a deep sense of connection.

If you are ready to show up empowered, resilient, abundant to your life to and your relationships, I would love to be your partner in transforming your LIFE.


  • Conscious Coach certified by Dr. Shefali Tsabary's Conscious Parenting Coaching Method Institute

  • Mindfulness Teacher certified by MMTCP with Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield and the Greater Good Science  Center at the University of California at Berkley 

  • Professional Coach certified by iPEC

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