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Love is our true nature. It is time to re-parent and re-discover your

True self


Ready to Transform?

Consider me you partner in finding your true voice!

YOU carry the answers to your life's biggest questions. You came equipped with everything you need to live a joyful, happy life. If you are feeling lost, DISCONNECTED from your AUTHENTIC VOICE, you are not alone. And I am here to tell you, your authentic voice is waiting for you intact, it has not left you, it has always been there and will always be there.  


There is a path forward to re-connect with your true voice, to live the life that you came here to live, to let yourself be seen, heard and understood like you always wanted to. This path is through conscious parenting, the practice of re-parenting yourself to become your own best parent. This is what i do for my clients, I help them re-connect to their wisest self and find the answers that already lie within them.


Through conscious coaching, I guide you  to:


  • understand your inner wounds and how they came to be 

  • bring awareness to the patterns that are keeping you stuck

  • connect with those parts of you that are calling for your attention. These can show up as: needy, procrastinator, perfectionist, resentful, mean, judger, martyr, victim, no boundaries, anxious, workaholic.

  • Learn to attend to the hurt underneath these difficult parts 

  • Transform your LIFE to a joyous and abundant moment to moment existence

Go ahead and get started with a free 30 minute exploratory session


what to expect from coaching

As your coach, I consciously guide you to show up to your life with deep presence, activate your co-creative power, re-connect with your authentic self and start manifesting the life you want. Through compassionate inquiry and holding space for your own unfolding, I will guide you to become aware of your inner landscape, and layer by layer start unpacking your old limiting beliefs. You do not need to live in fear, repeating old patterns, imprisoned by conditioned thoughts. You have the power to change.


There is nothing more powerful than when YOU find your authentic voice and start living from that place of truth. It will be an honor to guide you through your own unfolding!


The coaching sessions are online and can be booked as one session or multiple sessions. I offer coaching in:

  • Conscious Life Coaching- rediscovering your true voice

  • Conscious Parenting Coaching -mindfully flow through your parenting journey

  • Conscious Career Coaching -finding your true purpose

Go to services to find out more including pricing.


I also work on a sliding scale for those who cannot afford the market prices. 

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How I can Help You

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